New Development: 730 Girard Street NW

730 Girard Street NW

This condo conversion project on 730 Girard Street NW is being developed by ERB Properties, LLC. The house will be converted into 3 condos, all 2 bedrooms with a den. The penthouse unit will have a roof terrace with private outdoor space. Parking will also be available. The units are estimated to be priced from the low $600k’s. For more information on this or other new developments, please contact Sean Aalai at … Continue reading

Is it the right time to buy?

Should you rent or buy a property in Washington, D.C.?

In the past few weeks, I’ve come across two separate stories about how expensive it is to rent an apartment here in Washington, D.C. How do you know when it’s time to stop renting and buy a place? If you’re thinking about buying, the first question to ask yourself is whether you’re staying in the area. If you plan to move out of the … Continue reading

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