Switching to Smart Lock – A Genius Technology for an Increased Convenience and Security

Smart Lock for Smart Homeowners

Smart Lock

The most common locks in residential homes are the deadbolt. It comes in two types and each provides maximum security when used the right way. Everyone uses a key to open and close their doors at home and work before the invention of high-tech locks. The imagination of mankind gave birth to innovative and convenient types of locks that gradually left the deadbolt and regular locks behind. However, these technological discoveries have brought a lot of good for the world especially in accomplishing complicated tasks.

The smart lock is one of the celebrated and revolutionary inventions of the 21st century. Instead of the old-school key used in traditional deadbolts, the authorization process is futuristic. As reported by Skilled Locksmith at the locksmiths convention in Las Vegas earlier this year, smart locks are electro-mechanically designed to lock and unlock doors through a wireless device such as a smartphone. What are the cool tricks and features of the smart locks that convinced thousands of homeowners to switch from their door knobs?

On top of the list is not simply convenience, but an increase convenience. As mentioned earlier, smart locks do not require a key. From the survey of Pixie Lost & Found last April 2017, the house keys is the third thing most often misplaced or lost in an American household at least once a week. It takes five to fifteen minutes to search for the lost keys, which is a waste of time and energy.

With the invention of smart lock, the need of having dozens of keys has been eliminated. You will only need a smartphone application where you can control everything. Unlocking can be controlled by entering the pass code on the app, tapping the smartphone to the deadbolt, fingerprint recognition, voice recognition and more. It depends on the make and model of the smart lock chosen and installed. This whole new way to open doors is indeed an increase in convenience for many homeowners.

Security level is higher in smart locks compared to conventional locks. In a poll conducted by ASSA ABLOY and IFSEC Global.com all over Europe, Africa and Middle East last 2016, majority of the respondents considered digital locks to be more secure than traditional door locks. Indeed, the advanced designs of smart locks can help you in managing and tracking whoever enters and which door they used. There are smart locks that can be integrated for total home automation. It gives you total control of the property’s security system, from CCTV surveillance to alarms. Whether you are at home or at work, you can remotely control and talk to the intercom. You will receive alerts if something is amiss or the lock is being tampered. The integration of technology has heightened home security to help in lowering the risk of burglary.

It is not that financially easy to achieve your dream to have a ‘home of the future.’ There are plenty of homes and office buildings that haven’t upgraded yet to the latest smart lock. Unsurprisingly, it is more expensive than using a set of keys. However, it is worth the investment for homeowners who want a more convenient and secure way of living.